Event: Upper level students in mind while thinking of this event

Provide reading and websites to English teachers and work with them to educate the students about cyberbullying before the community event that will be held later in the month of October.

Watch videos in the classrooms:

Other websites, videos, or articles may be found while you and the English teachers are planning together.

Students then would create: Animoto videos, Prezi presentations, Voki, Blabberize, or Xtranormal.


Students will create presentations that will be presented at booths around the event location.  Topics will cover: Cyberbullying, All About Cyber Bullying, What Students Can Do?, What Can Adults Do?, Online Resources Regarding Cyberbullying. Each booth will have a computer and projector to have a continuous loop of their presentation.  The videos from will also be playing on a loop.

Participants will be able to walk around and talk to the students who created the presentation.


Open with the librarian talking to the students and presenting on the importance of preventing cyberbullying.

Have students come to the podium and describe their experiences and feelings when dealing with cyberbullies and how they were able overcome the obstacles.

The school psychologist will also prevent on the importance of preventing cyberbullying.  The psychologist will talk about what students/parents can do, whom they can talk to, and speak to the internal strength shown by overcoming this terrible experience.

Have a former graduate of the school who has overcome bullying (in general) and gone on to have a successful collegiate experience or career.  Have them speak of the experience, how they overcame it, and how it shaped them into the successful person they are today.

To end the presentation portion of the event, have the resource officer speak to the students of the available supports offered by the police.

Other Activities:

Have a booth for students to anonymously turn in a written story or poem of their experiences for a bulletin board to will be created after the event.

2 thoughts on “Cyberbullying

  1. John, I thought you provided some great resources and videos. I’ll definitely be referring to these as I flesh out my own event! Thanks for sharing! I also like your idea about some of the guests including police, psychologists, and a graduate to talk about bullying in general. However, what if you took this discussion to the online forum? What if these guests were guests online since we’re discussing cyberbullying. I think if adults are online in the area where this type of bullying is occurring, students are more likely to take them seriously. I also thought it was a great idea to have students answer questions about their own work to take ownership and speak to other students about their works. However, what if this was all online? What if students could use their devices to post their responses and certain words were flagged as being inappropriate or unacceptable for the area. I believe Edmodo and Collaborize Classroom both red flag these and you could place these discussions on monitors in the library if available. I know this depends on your library and resources but just ideas depending on what is feasible. Projectors on white walls connected to computer desktops or laptops could work too. Great ideas and thanks for the resources!

  2. The pre-event activities and resources you outlined will not only give students some baseline information on cyberbullying but it should also create positive anticipation for the actual event! Thanks for the helpful ideas for the event itself; I believe one of the most poignant parts will be the former “bullied and now successful” graduate of the school.

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